What is a Ticket and how do I submit one?

A ticket is a submission/request to our support team.

You can submit a ticket for support at the following link: http://support.muniweb.co.za

How do I set up my new email account(s)?

Outlook Settings:

  • Click on File (for latest Outlook versions) or Tools (old Outlook versions)
  • Account Settings and then click on Add new POP3/Internet email

*Manually configure settings

Email: username@website.co.za
Username: username@website.co.za
Password: provided password

Incoming (POP) mail server: mail.website.co.za
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server: mail.website.co.za

Click on more settings (the button)

  • Outgoing server (second tab):
    Please tick very first option “use same settings as my incoming mail server….”
  • Advanced (last tab):
    Outgoing server (SMTP) – Change port 25 to 587
    Un-tick “Leave a copy on the server for __ days.” otherwise change to only 2 days.
I want to transfer my website over to Municor, what do I do?

In order for us to transfer your domain over to our server successfully, please do the following:

Kindly email your current host (and CC design@municor.co.za) with a cancellation letter stating you give Municor full permission to take over your domain http://www.your-website-name.co.za and to please assist Municor with anything else they may need.

Once we see the transfer letter has been sent to the host we will then send the transfer request.

Please supply us with a list of email accounts relating to your domain, eg. info@your-website-name.co.za